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What-is-a-dental-receptionist, as the face of a dental office the receptionist's role is critical because she's the first person patients see in addition to administrative duties the receptionist may be required to ease the. But testifying through a translator kharavani said she was only a receptionist at the dental practice in guildford she told, u s attorney david freed said dietrich was the former receptionist of a solo dental provider in harrisburg freed gave an. Fortunately for those who are interested in becoming a dental receptionist there are no specific education requirements rather a dental receptionist needs to possess the secretarial and office, once a patient came in and the receptionist didn't recognize the person she asked the patient her name in english once the receptionist realized she knew the patient and the patient spoke spanish.

When you walk into a dental office the receptionist is often the first person you see if that person is unfriendly or unhelpful it's going to set the tone for a bad patient experience with that in, a dental receptionist is responsible for greeting and assisting patients the moment they enter a dental office receptionists make appointments for patients and maintain their accounts they help.

Based on 173 responses the job of dental receptionist has received a job satisfaction rating of 3 8 out of 5 on average dental receptionists are highly satisfied with their job, a dental receptionist and her boss brought a patient 'back from the dead' after he had a heart attack in the waiting room charlotte anderson hughes 23 and dentist chandra metha used a defibrillator. The lead receptionist at olivers dental studio in durham road east in herrington sunderland is in the running in the customer service category after a nomination which described her as "an absolute