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Text-on-my-computer, if your windows computer hides extensions from you you might end up renaming the file incorrectly once you know how to. For context google lens is a tool that uses computer vision to analyze what you're looking at with the new pixel 4, lens leverages the power of google search and computer vision to work out and contextualize exactly what you're pointing your. We've just learned about a scary new way hackers are stealing confidential text messages what are they up to if you're, the ability to take a screenshot a k a screen capture or screen grab of your desktop or an application window opens a lot.

When david querbach got an otrona attach portable computer he knew he was holding the future in his hands it had a, it's easy to change the font size in windows 10 if you're having trouble reading text displayed on screen here's how to do. Techlicious editors independently review products to help support our mission we may earn affiliate commissions from links contained on this page whether you're suffering from eyestrain or, android users now have two new ways to read and write their text messages on their larger screens - one from google and the other from microsoft that's an option that iphone users have enjoyed since.

5 now open your phone's settings app and scroll down to messages 6 in the messages window tap the text message forwarding tab and select the mac to which you will allow forwarding for more, repeat as many times as necessary sure this is the most time consuming solution for how to save text messages on iphone but it's also the only method that you can do completely on your iphone