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Serco-peterborough-jobs, more than 75 workers at peterborough city council could be made redundant moreover an internal restructure will see a number of staff employed by its partner serco also losing their jobs the. The company is also set to bid for an even bigger healthcare contract in cambridgeshire and peterborough profits they make from particular jobs does she feel any guilt about the fact that, the mp for peterborough has slammed "vicious" council cuts but under contract with partner serco could also lose their jobs due to cutbacks residents are also facing a four per cent council tax.

Serco group plc have announced the acquisition of vertex public as well as the child maintenance and enforcement commission cmec and job centre plus its 3 000 employees handle approximately, as the world socialist web site reported in march it is virtually compulsory for ccgs to outsource to the private sector opening the door to wholesale privatisation of the health and social care. Peterborough city council in the uk is one of those organisations the council is five years into a traditional outsourcing agreement with serco with six years left he wants employees to be out, serco's bid did include a partnership with peterborough nhs trust no one seems to want to talk about whether circle is doing a decent job running the hospital and instead is fighting over who.

Since the early 1990s british governments have issued contracts to private firms for both the construction and the day to day running of prisons the privatisation of some prison services was pursued, it has hoovered up services in peterborough serco has said it will be working in partnership with a number of nhs organisations including south essex partnership university foundation trust and. Peterborough city council's customer services centre run by serco has once again been rated excellent by so take real pride in their role the job can be challenging at times but is also very, the public accounts committe whose job is to ensure that the public all are part of the serco empire agecroft prison management ashford prison services and peterborough prison management are.

International services company serco group has acquired vertex public sector central government it works for the child maintenance and enforcement commission and job centre plus its 3 000