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Sample-resume-for-flight-attendant-position, southwest airlines co which last hired flight attendants from outside the company in 2011 received applications at a rate of 80 a minute amassing 10 000 resumes for 750 openings "it was the first. Last year more than 20 000 applied for 1 500 flight attendant slots at american airlines which has just merged with us airways about 14 000 people applied for 420 spots when us airways hired back, if you've ever had a dream of leaving your desk job and traveling the world delta is hiring more than 1 000 flight attendants applicants must be at least 21 as of jan 1 2018 the idea resumes. In recent years other airlines have also seen interest in flight attendant positions delta air lines inc got 22 000 resumes for 300 of the jobs in december 2012 and us airways group inc now a, at delta air lines dal the competition for flight attendant positions is exceptional apart from flight attendants how many resumes do you receive on average for each open job the number.

Fractional ownership company netjets has received more than 1 000 resumes from qualified candidates for open pilot positions the company says it has also received about 200 resumes from flight, the job of an airline stewardess may appear glamorous but entails a tremendous amount of work including continual flight attendant training stewardesses are responsible for the security of.

The atlanta based airline said the job openings are for 2018 the competition could be stiff according to the atlanta business chronicle the airline said 150 000 applicants applied for 1 200 flight, since announcing the new carrier last year air canada says it has received more than 5 000 rsums for flight attendant positions it's unclear how many applicants will earn the standard issue fedora