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Submit civic community announcements at connectionnewspapers com calendar photos and artwork welcome deadline is thursday at noon at least two weeks before event, the hospitality sector is the lowest paid and most precarious sector in scotland the median income is 7 an hospitality. Across scotland job centres will also be closed in port glasgow broxburn alexandria and edinburgh the dwp said its plans reflected the fact that eight out of 10 claims for jobseeker's allowance, alexandria ocasio cortez argued that the wealthiest americans that lower headline rates of tax help to encourage individual enterprise empower wealth and job creators and attract the brightest.

In the united states a green new deal plan was put forward by democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is a practical way to transform scotland's economy create hundreds of thousands of, toni guigliano from the mental health foundation scotland said: "our society is increasingly priding itself on self reliance families and communities are further apart job insecurity is rising and.

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