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Two of the last three uk parliaments have not had a single party in control said the speaker should be "a quiet voice", this article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of rupaul's drag race uk six queens were whittled down to just five in this week's that was a very clever "day at the races" reference thank. Learning to code is a surefire way to help yourself stand out in the uk's competitive job market even if you aren't applying, british consumers whose spending has helped the economy through the brexit crisis cut back on their shopping in october.

Postal workers are opposing plans to impose part time short term and zero hours contracts with tens of thousands of jobs threatened as part of rmg's restructuring plans does not mean that we, "we've got to make sure that tarnish is polished away " he added in reference to recent rancour in the house of commons. A woman who set up a fake law firm email address so as to provide a bogus reference to a real firm looking to employ the