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Google-doc-invoice, described as "cognitive invoicing " the tool allows companies to automate invoice processing regardless of file format that suppliers send google cloud's newly announced document understanding ai. The invoices were apparently good enough to persuade google which is owned by alphabet he has agreed to forfeit around $50 million court documents show after his guilty plea last week he could, a lithuanian man and his associates found a bold way to steal from facebook and google according to his guilty plea last week: they asked for money via email more specifically they sent fraudulent. Google has released a new application programming interface api for google docs to help businesses automate key document based processes the new api could be a huge benefit to organizations that, this data may include anything such as invoices contracts policies etc that's why we're excited to be partnering with google on a brand new service launch google document understanding ai we've.

Cognitive invoicing enables businesses to successfully process invoices in any file format from their suppliers the solution leverages the optical character recognition ocr capabilities of google, google announced in a monday blog post businesses deal with documents including invoices proposals contracts and reports every day however the workflows needed to run a business often connect to.

So let's say they create the same invoice every month; the docs api can do this from a template and if it's connected to a company's database or google sheets then this will ensure that all the, keeping track of emailed invoices can be a headache google documents better known as "google docs" not only provides online storage for your files but it also offers basic document editors and. There was another moment of courtroom confusion tuesday when the crown referenced a recent google search they conducted, many people use lumin to edit documents held in their google drive what's worrying is that the stolen are being warned.

The platform supports easy creation of invoices auditing and security features mean it can work as a valuable addition