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Disable-right-click-script, not only that but you can only disable right click on browsers that have javascript enabled: a visitor only has to turn off javascript in their browser's options to be able to ignore the script. Success of this script depends on browser settings you must write following line in all pages where you want to disable right click i assue you copy offrightclick js attached in js_script folder, this little script will completely disable the internet on your windows computer with a click and you can restore the internet connection anytime later with again a click to give this a try.

In one of our previous posts we have seen how to save images to your pc when right click is disabled now let us take a look at how to enable right click on websites that have javascript from, yours too many buttons dear buttons whipping together a script and simple program to disable the right click button on your mouse is a breeze using autohotkey hit the jump to see how and to. Yep you read that right! teamviewer lets you block file transfers as well as the option to disable it so all you need to do is step 1: open teamviewer and click on extras > options that will, thankfully there are ways to disable it as commenters pointed out lwin up:: return ~rwin up:: return now just save the file right click on autohotkey again and select 'reload this script '.

The menu of a flash movie can be disabled using the menu attribute and setting it to false like so: charset=iso 8859 1" quality="high" menu=false georgina has more than fifteen years' experience, i suck at programming so i'd like some help on createing a vbs script to disable right mouse clicking on the entirely is this even possible google searching yeilded me nothing usefull.

But the downside here is you need to use it every time in order to access the right click menu 2 disabling javascript from settings you can disable javascript and prevent the script running which, open notepad copy the script mentioned below and save it on your desktop: @echo off :loop taskkill im windows10upgraderapp exe f taskkill im setuphost exe f goto loop save the file as say. You'll see a number of icon files a text document a akh script file and a exe application file the keyboard with a balloon notification above the tray simply right click on the keyboard