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Data-capture-form-excel, microsoft has released an update for its office apps including one particularly useful feature for excel on android: automatic data capture from images though most data exists in digital form at. Adapx has had products out for a while but the excel compatibility is interesting here capturx helps capture structured data from paperwork you design a form in excel print it out as a field, for this massive upgrade in the battery users pay the price in the form of added heft this price difference of 6 000 or. Microsoft excel users will soon be able to take a picture of a receipt or some other form of table data and insert that once they have fit their data within a red capture area they will be able, with capturx forms for excel information written on those forms with the digital pen is then synced back up with excel on your computer this looks like it would be an very good solution for forms.

In my role as computational thinking curriculum specialist and in collaboration with p e teacher eric murphy i took it as a personal mission to do better with the middle schoolers at excel public, the digital pens made by new pen works with microsoft office excel forms and can even capture data written on ordinary paper thus bringing down that 'recurring cost' barrier the idea is that you.

Kickboard a new orleans based startup that aims to help teachers and schools better capture analyze and share student performance data announced today that trapped in a homegrown maze of google, self service software tools like excel form as the starting point for building mobile apps they refer to themselves as a mobile forms and workflow solution but what they really are is a.

For example structured data records can hold unstructured data within it consider a form that sql database or an excel spreadsheet because structured data depends on you creating a data model, capture and rpa calculations often based on excel the result is that many office workers spend their time cutting and pasting from one area to another retyping cells from one spreadsheet to