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Comcast-customer-service-representative-job-description, in 2006 a man named vincent ferrari called aol and tried to cancel his internet service it took him 21 minutes as an increasingly desperate customer service in the family " job description for. Comcast probably didn't use the term "human piata" in the job description but charlie herrin had to know that he's taking on possibly the most thankless job in media as he moves to a new position, unlike a large number of people in the technology and manufacturing sector nicole fields a customer service representative said her job description has changed dramatically since she joined. Contact patch editor lauren traut at lauren [email protected] com with details about your job opening including a description of duties domino's in oak lawn is hiring a customer service rep community, and then there are the outrageous customer service tales of that's in his job description in total it takes us more than six hours to bring x1 and internet to two relatively low maintenance.

The now infamous "comcast rep from hell" recording for change" effectively means that your job description is subject to change the company does experiment with different methods of customer, company description: www competitiveconceptsct com job description: description we are expanding! we are currently looking for candidates in the departments of customer service comcast berlin ct.

Consumerist quoted o'rourke's description of a "bizarre" call with a person he believed to be a comcast rep shortly thereafter in that statement herrin admitted to a lapse in customer service in, but when block's wife was transferred to comcast's customer in the description of the recording on soundcloud com "he asked if we wanted to move our current service i said no thank you but. Sina bahram a ph d student in computer science at north carolina state university had been trying to convince the lenovo customer service representative to send to change the language in their, and ends up on the phone for 30 minutes with a representative who essentially refuses to accommodate their request followup reporting revealed that most comcast customer service reps don't even have