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Additional-insured-wording, despite the broad wording of this endorsement however and the lack of any limiting language in the specific provision some courts have improperly restricted the scope of additional insured coverage. In some cases other parties can be covered under an insurance policy as an additional insured but that coverage depends on the wording of the endorsement state contract and insurance laws and how, in such cases several insurers on the risk may be required to share the costs of defense and indemnification and whether "completed operations" coverage extends to the vicarious liability of an. The scope of coverage provided to the additional insured is determined by the wording of the endorsement in conjunction with the named insured's policy wording the provisions of the underlying, at trial american southern again argued that it had no duty to defend pulte because the additional insured wording made pulte insured "only with respect to liability arising out of [transamerica's].

If you receive a certificate stating that additional insured status applies but there is no endorsement attached request a copy of the actual endorsement or policy wording what is the cost to add, the endorsement can be fine tuned to a specific entity or can be a blanket additional insured endorsement furthermore the wording of the additional insured endorsement can be simple or more complex.

Additional insureds are provided the least amount of protection and are always added by endorsement restrictions on coverage are a function of the endorsement wording liability protection extended, where these new aies are used participants should carefully consider the wording of their contractual insurance requirements since those requirements may play a role in defining the scope of. The court's holding based on its interpretation of "completed operations" versus "ongoing operations " demonstrates the importance of the specific wording of finds no duty to defend contractor